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Ashes to Art Presented by FuneriaAn Invitation to Preview the Jan 30-Feb 2 2nd International Ashes to Art Exhibition

A Preview of 17 original artworks selected from among 150 pieces that will be featured during the second international juried Ashes to Art exhibition is now available at http://www.funeria.com, along with full details about the show.

While providing a glimpse of its charm and surprises, the Preview only hints at the extraordinary range and unique opportunity this show represents when it opens January 30 with an evening reception and continues for three days through February 2, 2003 at San Francisco's Fort Mason Center Conference Center in Landmark Building A. The Best of Show award, underwritten by Alice and John Micklewright of San Francisco, and further awards will be announced at the opening.

An Important Emerging Genre That Sets New Standards in Personal Memorial Art

Ashes to Art is foremost a vibrant international art event that is attracting collectors to an emerging genre of contemporary fine art and fine craft urns, vessels, reliquaries and other sculptural containers for funerary ashes. In presenting Ashes to Art, Funeria is also creating a light-filled gallery setting in which visitors have the opportunity to see reflections of their own mortality - fearlessly - within the context of personality-rich art and beauty. In a quest for personal memorial art - specifically urns and vessels intended for keeping, burying, transporting or scattering the cremated remains of ourselves and our loved ones - there is no comparable venue.

A number of superb entries from throughout the world made the upcoming Ashes to Art exhibition even more competitive than the 2001 debut event. The difficult jurying process was aided considerably by a panel that included master ceramist, sculptor, and educator Nicholas Kripal and innovative Paris- based architect Gino de Valerio.

Among noted artists whose work will be available in San Francisco are glass master William Morris who was invited to show three pieces from his Cinerary Urns series; Jeffrey Mongrain and his elegant, minimalist, ceramic pillow, glass and ash 'Cathedra'; plus work by artists who apprenticed with such luminaries as Louise Bourgeois, Andy Goldsworthy, and others and have since acquired mastery in their own milieu.

The upcoming event also marks the debut of Changing Stages - an information and resources center and tabletop exhibit area adjacent to Ashes to Art. Featured public and private organizations and groups include those that are helping individuals, families and communities find the means to a better end - including end-of-life care and legacy planning. Information will be available from a number of sources including Good Grief (www.goodgrief.net), Tannery Creek Press, the national Last Acts coalition (www.lastacts.org) - of which Funeria is a Partner, and two more Last Acts Partners - Compassion in Dying (www.compassionindying.org) and the Zen Hospice Project (www.zenhospice.org).

Changing Stages Exhibitor applications and other sponsor information remains available at: http://www.funeria.com/opportunities.pdf

About Funeria

Ashes to Art and Changing Stages are presented by Funeria - an exhibitions and on-line art venue and bridge between those who create beautiful funerary art, specifically urns and vessels, and those who seek art as a means to honor a beautiful life.

About Fort Mason Center

(http://www.fortmason.org) is a national historic landmark and vibrant cultural center that is easily reached by public and private transportation.


Maureen Lomasney
Director, Funeria


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